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Welcome to the WWW9 conference volunteers faq page. This is the place to find quick answers to some important questions regarding volunteering for WWW 9.  New information will be updated periodically.


Who are Volunteers?

Volunteers typically are people with an involvement in the World Wide Web, who are interested in experiencing the conference but otherwise, could not afford to attend or need help with accommodation. We are looking for people with a background in building and running networks and or associated AudioVisual technology.

What can I expect to do at the conference?

The program has evolved a lot over the last 8 conferences and the volunteer role is now defined as technical support. This means that you will be expected to have knowledge or experience in building a large distributed network to supply connectivity for the conference. We are also looking for people to set up and operate the specialised AV equipment that a conference of this type requires.

What qualifications do I need?

You don't have to be an expert! Students and enthusiasts work alongside industry professionals. Enthusiasm and interest are important qualities. There are usually more applicants than positions so make sure you use the spaces provided in the registration form to tell us as much about yourself as possible. You must have a good attitude and a love of the web but you definitely don't need a degree in computer science. The conference is a great place to learn more about web development and authoring but this kind of experience is not particularly relevant to volunteering. We are about Routers and IP addresses, not HTML and Java.

What do I get ?

Volunteers receive conference registration, accommodation and meals for the duration of the conference. You will be required to work a fixed number of hours in exchange. We are currently finalising arrangements which will allow a scaled level of participation - you can sign up for registration only, accommodation only or both. There will be a flexible roster system that will allow you to schedule your work commitments between attending the parts of the conference that interest you.

How do I apply?

An online registration form will become available from this site in October. Fill this out, submit it and we will be in touch.

Any additional questions should be directed to volunteers@www9.org

Volunteer Organising Committee, WWW9

The International World Wide Web Conferences are events of the International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2), and are managed by Foretec Seminars, Inc.

Updated: September 3, 1999