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Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first volunteers newsletter for the WWW 9 conference.  This is the place to keep checking for information and registration details for anyone interested in volunteering for WWW 9.

The volunteer program has been associated with all 8 previous conferences and has become an integral part of running each one.  There is a lot of information about volunteer activities and members available from this site, thanks to Gio for keeping it running.  If you are thinking about volunteering for the first time it's fairly simple.  Once the arrangements have been finalised an online registration form will be available at this site.  There will be a limited number of positions so you need to submit this form by the closing date and we will advise you.  Please check the FAQ page for more details on volunteering.

Final details for this year's conference are still being worked out and we will keep you updated.  Many people have been asking if there will be a volunteer program for WWW9.  The answer is yes, we are up and running and look forward to working with the regular volunteers, some have now been to every conference, as well as the new recruits.

Volunteering at a web conference is a great opportunity to meet and work with people of similar experience from all parts of the world.  Amsterdam locals are encouraged to participate, we depend on your local knowledge and you can participate for registration only if you don't need accommodation.

WWW9 is being managed once again by Foretec Seminars and the Volunteer Organising Committee is the same as last year - Mark Nguyen from the USA, Gio La Vecchia from Italy and John Miller from Australia.  The Volunteer team is always truly international and next year will be no different.  We expect a lot of interest from Europeans as WWW9 will be the first European Web Conference in 3 years.  The team will be smaller than before so it is important to get your registration form in quickly to be sure of a place.

Newsletters will be posted monthly at first, then once the team is finalised they will be sent only to those registered, by email.  The plan at the moment is to open volunteer registration early in October. 

That's about all I can tell you right now, please check back here regularly, meanwhile have a look at the information about volunteers and previous conferences.
John Miller
Co Chair, Volunteer Organising Committee, WWW9

The International World Wide Web Conferences are events of the International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2), and are managed by Foretec Seminars, Inc.

Updated: September 3, 1999