WWW9: Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 15-19, 2000

Volunteers of the International World Wide Web Conferences

(Aka a limited number of enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and hardworking people who are interested in being part of the volunteer support team.)

WWW8: Toronto, Canada

      WWW7: Brisbane, Australia

WWW6: Santa Clara, U.S.A.

WWW5: Paris, France

WWW4: Boston, U.S.A.

    WWW3: Darmstadt, Germany

WWW2: Chicago, U.S.A.

WWW1: Geneva, Switzerland

Photo album:

WWW9 (Amsterdam, Netherland): May 15-19, 2000

WWW7 (Brisbane, Australia): April 14-18, 1998

WWW6 (Santa Clara, U.S.A.): April 7-11, 1997

WWW5 (Paris, France): May 6-10, 1996

WWW4 (Boston, U.S.A.): December 11-14, 1995

WWW3 (Darmstadt, Germany): April 10-14, 1995

WWW2 (Chicago, U.S.A.): October 17-20, 1994

WWW1 (Geneva, Switzerland): May 25-27, 1994

Updated: September 3, 1999