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Developers' day will consist of five parallel tracks. Presentations will discuss topics of specific interest to Web software developers, including new software, protocols, and hardware, and will be as timely as possible -- the content will represent the state of the art.



The Semantic Web


XML and Related Technologies


Distributed Computing on the Web


Web Publishing Tools and Techniques


The Mobile Web

Track Descriptions

The Semantic Web

Organizers: Stu Weibel and Eric Miller, OCLC

- A whole gamut of new metadata applications is emerging on and off the World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee labels it "the semantic web".  This track will examine these applications including sitemaps, stream channel definitions, search engine data collection (web crawling), digital library collections, and distributed authoring.

XML and Related Technologies

Organizer: Jon Bosak, Sun Microsystems

- XML and its family of core technology standards constitute the future syntactic infrastructure of the Web.  These standards include DOM, namespaces, linking, schemas, information set, and style sheets.  This track presents the latest, up-to-the-minute developments in Web-related technologies based on XML standards -- from the experts who created them.

Distributed Computing on the Web (half-day)

Organizer: Dave Winer, Userland

- This track will discuss distributed computing technologies as applied to applications running over the World Wide Web.  Presentations will describe recent experience in using distributed object technologies, with an emphasis on objects communicating across the Web using remote method-calls/procedure-calls or messaging.

Web Publishing Tools and Techniques

Organizer: Dale Dougherty, O'Reilly Network

- This track will present case studies in the development of publishing technologies, tools, and style sheets for HTML and XML documents.  Web-based and multi-media paper topics will include HTML and XML markup techniques, style sheet processing, hypertext linking, database publishing, version management, reader profiles, internationalization, and content negotiation.

The Mobile Web

Organizer: Gábor Paller, Nokia

- Continuing reduction in the size of computing devices combined with advances in cellular telephony are making the mobile Web a reality.  This track will explore Web applications in areas such as personal organizers, mobile phones, Web cams, etc.

Developers' Day inquiries and suggestions should be sent to Murray Maloney and/or Sean McGrath, co-chairs, at devday@www9.org.


Updated: April 25, 2000