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Posters provide an opportunity for WWW9 conference attendees to learn about innovative work in progress and to preview late-breaking research results. With a submission deadline only three months before the start of the conference, posters are ideal for presenting work in its embryonic stages as well as "hot" results. A two-page abstract of accepted posters will appear in a poster proceedings distributed to conference attendees.

  • Improving Performance of Shared Web Hosting Service on a Web Server Cluster
    - Ludmila Cherkasova, Mohan DeSouza, Shankar Ponnekanti

  • Shared Web Hosting Analysis Tool for Service Providers
    - Ludmila Cherkasova, Mohan DeSouza, Jobin James

  • Modeling the Cacheability of HTML Documents
    - Timo Koskela, Jukka Heikkonen, Kimmo Kaski

  • Caching Strategies for Data-Intensive Web Sites
    - Daniela Florescu, Valerie Issarny, Patrick Valduriez, Khaled Yagoub

  • Multimodal Presentation of HTML documents for Blind Using Extended Cascading Style Sheets
    - Philippe Truillet, Nadine Vigouroux

  • Personalized Transcoding Proxy -- an Approach to Mobile Web Access
    - Markku Kylänpää, Immo Heino

  • Word Sense Based User Models for Web Sites
    - Carlo Strapparava, Bernardo Magnini, Anna Stefani

  • WebMelody: Sonification of Web Servers
    - Maria Barra, Tania Cillo, Antonio De Santis, Umberto Ferraro Petrillo, Alberto Negro, Vittorio Scarano

  • OWLA methodology Design of Open, Wireless and Adaptive Web Information Systems
    - Toni Alatalo, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen

  • Auditing Web Sites Using Their Access Patterns
    - Émilie Danna, Arnaud Laroche

  • Adaptive Delivery of HTML Contents
    - Yudong Yang, Jinlin Chen, Hongjiang Zhang

  • Gulliver -- A Development Environment for WAP Based Applications
    - Andreas Hartl, Gerhard Austaller, Gerti Kappel, Christoph Lechleitner, Max Mühlhäuser, Sigi Reich Rimbert Rudisch

  • CharToon Faces for the Web
    - Zs. Ruttkay, H. Noot, B. de Ruiter, P. ten Hagen

  • New Ways of Using Web Annotations
    - Laurent Denoue, Laurence Vignollet

  • Intermediary-based Transcoding Framework
    - Steven Ihde, Paul Maglio, Joerg Meyer, Rob Barrett

  • Aurora: A Transaction-Based Approach to Web Accessibility
    - Anita Huang, Neel Sundaresan

  • CMIL and Metaspace: Visualizing Hypermedia with Contextual Metadata
    - Richard Dietz

  • Economics of Surfing
    - Eytan Adar, Bernardo Huberman

  • Where Do I Go from Here? A Multiagent System to Support Collaborative Web Browsing
    - Samhaa El-Beltagy, David De Roure, Wendy Hall

  • Is the WWW Killing Hypermedia?
    - Leslie Carr, Wendy Hall, Timothy Miles-Board

  • Web Scholars
    - Simon Kampa, Les Carr

  • An Ad hoc Linkbase Generation Scenario
    - David De Roure, Danius Michaelides, Mark Thompson

  • Ten Days in the Life of Hotbot and Snap - A Case Study
    - Judit Bar-Ilan

  • Integrating Multiple Applications into the ANSWER system with XML
    - Junbiao Zhang, Maximilian Ott

  • Approaches To Indexing In The UK Higher Education Community
    - Brian Kelly

  • Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency of Web Search by Graph-based Text Representation
    - Junji Tomita, Yoshihiko Hayashi

  • Dynamic Construction of Federated Digital Libraries
    - M. Zubair, K. Maly, I. Ameerally, M. Nelson

  • Utilizing the Subjective Intent of Authoring Formats to Perform Focused Web Crawling
    - Hok Peng Leung, Wynne Hsu

  • Dark Matter on the Web
    - Peter Bailey, Nick Craswell, David Hawking

  • Koko -- the Internet Gorilla, a Search Engine for Journalists
    - Jørgen Albretsen, Jack Foster, Niels Mørk

  • Acoi: A System For Indexing Multimedia Objects
    - Menzo Windhouwer, Albrecht Schmidt, Martin Kersten

  • Conventions and Notations for Representing and Exchanging Knowledge
    - Philippe Martin, Peter Eklund

  • Archival References to Web Pages
    - Leslie Lamport

  • Toward Zero-Input Personalization: Referrer-Based Page Recommendation
    - Nicholas Kushmerick, James McKee, Fergus Toolan

  • Finding Related Communities on the Web
    - Masashi Toyoda, Masaru Kitsuregawa

  • Hilltop: A Search Engine based on Expert Documents
    - Krishna Bharat, George Mihaila

  • People Power and the Semantic Web: Building Quality Controlled Portals
    - Martin Belcher, Emma Place

  • Exploring Link Topology for Associating Web Pages
    - Quoc Vu, Wen-Syan Li

  • A Data Model and Query Language for XML
    - Murali Mani, Neel Sundaresan

  • Estimating Web Properties by Using Search Engines and Random Crawlers
    - Nobuko Kishi

  • Testing The Readability Of Web Page Colors
    - Chris Ridpath, Jutta Treviranus, Tamar Weiss

  • Search Interfaces for Handheld Mobile Devices
    - Matt Jones, George Buchanan

  • Knowledge Construction with Visual Representation of Distributed Information
    - Daniel Kauwell, James Levin, Young Jin Lee, Hwan Jo Yu

  • A Usability Tool for Web Evaluation Applied to Digital Library Design
    - Yin Leng

  • Developing a Model of Trust for Electronic Commerce: An Application to a Permissive Marketing Web Site
    - Florian Egger, Boyd de Groot

  • A Distributed Architecture for Collaborative Shopping on the WWW
    - Stefano Puglia, Robert Carter, Ravi Jain

  • Collaboration through Navigation: The Case of a Web-based Helpdesk System
    - Marios Dikaiakos, Dimitris Zeinalipour-Yiazti

  • Distributed Information Systems using Dublin Core Metadata
    - Malin Winbladh, Johan Marcopolos

  • A Lightweight Approach To Support Of Resource Discovery Standards
    - Brian Kelly

  • Serving the Trader: Designing and Implementing an E-Brokerage Application for Demanding Real-Time Environments
    - Triantafillakis Aristidis, Panagiota Papadopoulou, Panagiotis Kanellis, Nikos Sfiris, Drakoulis Martakos, Michalis Glezakos, Konstantinos Panopoulos

  • A Virtual Research Digital Library: Architecture and Issues
    - Pedro Isaias

  • CyberChair, an Online Submission and Reviewing System or: A Program Chair's Best Friend
    - Richard van de Stadt

  • Creating a Droadband Virtual Museum
    - Michael J. Tuttle, Asa Baylus, Katherine Cornelius

  • The Web Cube -- The Internal Landscape of a Distributed Website
    - Spider Redgold

  • A Framework for Web-Based Networks for Health Care Professionals
    - M. Johansen, H. Jacobsen, T. Burkow, I. Nordrum, K. Fossen

  • Virtual Learning Space Developments
    - Melissa Norfolk, Iven Mareels

  • Online Learning -- Evaluating the Learning Experience
    - Ray Thompson, John Steel

  • Towards a self-Organising Learning Environment
    - Jon Dron, Phil Siviter, Chris Boyne, Richard Mitchell

  • Building Communities of Teachers & Learners: The WebCT E-Learning Hub
    - M.E. Sokolik, Jim Duber

  • The Development of a Collaborative Learning Environment: Supporting the Traditional Classroom
    - Adrian Sallis, Grant Carran

  • Where Did All the People go? A Collaborative Web Space with Social Navigation Information
    - Andreas Dieberger

  • Virtual Fashion -- Tracking and Analyzing Emerging Objects and Their Diffusion Patterns on the World Wide Web
    - Ta-gang Chiou, Judith Donath

  • On-Demand Remote Sign Language Interpretation
    - Kitch Barnicle, Gregg Vanderheiden, Al Gilman

  • Using XML in the MASP Client-Server Protocol
    - Mark Jones, Tony Hansen

  • Self-Adaptive Web Applications
    - Guntram Graef, Martin Gaedke

Culture Track - Posters

  • C1 ICCD Information System for Cultural Heritage
    - Maria Luisa Polichetti

  • C2 Museumland.com : the worldwide portal to museums and cultural heritage
    - Mario Bucolo

  • C3 The Tombs on the Appian Way – Representing architectural worlds with VR and the Internet, Representing contemporary architecture using hypermedia
    «Eight Italian architectures in the postwar period »
    - Marco Gaiani

  • C4 Conservation Versus Communication: New Applied Methodologies In Cultural Planning Training Projects
    - Benedetto Benedetti

  • C5 Cultural and Historical Meta-data: MEMECS (Metadonnées et Mémoire Collective Systématique)
    - Kim Veltman

  • C6 The BAA on line archiving system
    - Ruggero Bugnoli


Updated: April 24, 2000